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[Banker walking through bank vault]

Narrator: Who ever said banking needed bankers?

[Man kayaking at sunrise on an open lake]

Narrator: What if instead of shareholders the profits were shared equally with the people actually doing the banking?

[Couple riding mountain bikes on a wooded trail, man walking and playing with a dog on the beach]

Narrator: What if instead of just making the rich, richer, we wanted to enrich the communities where we live?

[Cowboy waiting in cattle enclosure as cows enter, children eating ice cream, children and teens playing on a rope swing at the river]

Narrator: That’s what it means to be part of a credit union.

[Panning video of Lincoln and Washington monuments, little girls holding hands and running through a yard]

[People carrying harvested crops in baskets, commercial fisherman, man fishing from row boat, couple kissing at sunset, store owner putting up “Come In We’re Open” sign]

Narrator: All of our members are in this together. Communities work best when they work for each other. Cooperation strengthens us all, and when that happens, it turns out we don’t need bankers, we just need better banking. Discover the credit union difference and find out how much stronger we can be together.

[Businessman speaking with businesswomen on sidewalk, diverse group of people standing together]

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